Motorcycle parts





Rubber sheet NBR 60 / EPDM 60

for manufacturing gaskets, bearings, etc.
dimensions: length x width x thickness = 120 mm x 120 mm x 1 mm

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ZUB-001-01 5,95 €

Funnel system 4 parts, made of flexible elastomer material

Limited amount - Available only while stock lasts!

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ZUB-002-01 16,90 €

Bellows made of rubber

For motorcycle swing modifications with cardan drive
Included in delivery: bellows incl. two fastening clamps

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ZUB-003-01 14,40 €

Rubber disc / Elastic base
Outside diameter: Ø=28 mm
Inside diameter: Ø=8 mm
Height: 6 mm
Rubber hardness: medium

Pack of 4 pcs.

tzb00401 ZUB-004-01 5,90 €
Dust- Sealing Cap for Wet Air Filter
Dust- Sealing Cap, Rubber Material, for Wet Air Filters with Diameter 130 mm.
ZUB 005 01 01 ZUB 005 01 02 ZUB-005-01 9,40€